Gaza, hajj, Ukraine: the nightly news

Gaza: Netanyahu says “intense” fighting in Rafah will end soon. “This does not mean that the war is about to end but the war in its intense phase is about to end”specified the Israeli Prime Minister during an interview broadcast on Sunday by the Israeli channel Channel 14. After the operation in Rafah, the Prime Minister declared that Israel would continue to “to mow the lawn”, “a term long used in Israeli security circles to refer to the use of force aimed at preventing the re-emergence of militant organizations,” decipher it New York Timess. “After the end of the intense phase, we will be able to redeploy some forces towards the north”, said Netanyahu, suggesting that he could send more troops to the Israeli-Lebanese border to confront Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas. The words of the Prime Minister of the Hebrew State suggest that “the war may soon enter a period of change”analyzes the New York Times. Israel’s northern front, along with Lebanon, has been the scene of escalating fire between the Israeli army and Hezbollah and bellicose rhetoric between the two sides has raised fears of a full-scale war.

Saudi Arabia announces 1,301 deaths during hajj. The official Saudi press agency SPA said on Sunday that “83%” deceased people did not have authorization for this annual pilgrimage which was held recently in scorching heat. According to Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel, “these unauthorized pilgrims traveled long distances under intense sun”, reports Al-Arabiya. Last week, an Agence France-Presse count based on official statements or via diplomats involved in the search for victims put the number of victims at nearly 1,100.

Ukraine: Power cuts planned across the country on Monday. Operator Ukrenergo said on Sunday that the electricity network was experiencing serious difficulties after Russian attacks “massive”. Ukraine is planning partial power cuts throughout the day on Monday across the country, the operator said on Telegram. Over the past three months, power plants have been targeted by eight large-scale attacks, according to Ukraine’s Energy Ministry. kyiv has called on its allies to help rebuild its electricity grid and provide it with more air defense equipment to counter Russian bombing. On Friday, the Netherlands announced that it would, in collaboration with another unnamed country, provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot missile system. “Waiting for these deliveries to arrive”kyiv “expects systematic attacks on electricity infrastructure to continue, forcing residents (…) to improvise”, note it Guardian. “I can no longer work from my office and am now walking from cafe to cafe trying to find a quiet place with electricity”tells Oleksandr Babich, a computer scientist, to the British daily. At night, I light candles. Russia is trying to take us back to the Stone Age.”

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