Gaza: strikes near the ICRC leave dozens dead

“The ICRC office in Gaza – surrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians living in tents – was hit by bombing”the organization said Friday in a message posted on its X account, taken back by The Corriere della Sera. “Firing so dangerously close to humanitarian structures endangers the lives of civilians and Red Cross personnel”she added, reporting 22 dead and 45 injured transported to her field hospital.

Eighteen Palestinian Red Crescent volunteers are believed to be among those killed, according to New York Timeswhich specifies that the ICRC office is located in Al-Mawasi, a coastal town located in the south of the Gaza Strip, near Rafah.

“Al-Mawasi is home to an area where the Israeli military has asked people fleeing fighting in Rafah to go for their safety, although these areas were also targeted by fire during the war”adds the American daily. “It is unclear from the accounts of Gazan officials whether the attack took place inside this area”.


In his live, Al Jazeera cite a testimony collected by the agency Reutersensuring that “two (Israeli) tanks climbed to the top of a hill overlooking Al-Mawasi and launched fireballs that hit the tents” displaced people.

This testimony, collected “via chat app, confirms interviews conducted by Al Jazeera correspondents in Gaza”which attributes responsibility for the strikes to the IDF, assures the Qatari channel.

The Gaza Ministry of Health, in the hands of Hamas, also “attributed to Israel” the bombings of Friday, and reports for its part “25 people killed and 50 injured”, reports the BBC.

But the Israeli army, cited by Ha’Aretz, affirmed for its part that a “preliminary investigation suggests that there is no indication that a strike was carried out by the Israeli army in the humanitarian zone of Al-Mawasi”. The IDF further assures that “the incident” is always “under review”.

“Intensification of bombing”

“It was a difficult and very violent day”, summarizes for the Middle East Eye Doctor Fadel Naïm, director of Al-Ahli hospital, while the Palestinian authorities deplored dozens of civilians killed in multiple strikes on Friday alone.

“These strikes coincide with an intensification of Israeli ground attacks in almost all areas of Rafah, southern Gaza”and include “advances towards the population centers in the west and north of the city”observes the site.

El País confirmed that“over the past 48 hours, the Israeli army has intensified its bombing” and accelerated “the advance of tanks in the city of Rafah, where it tried to penetrate this Friday into the only two areas that it does not control: the north and the west”.

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