Hopes for Israel-Hamas deal threatened by Netanyahu’s ‘red lines’

“The quagmire has given way to cautious optimism. But for how long?” asks the Lebanese daily The Orient-The Day.

After several weeks of suspension, indirect talks between Israel and Hamas resumed in Cairo and Doha, under the mediation of the United States, Egypt and Qatar, around a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, devastated by nine months of war, and on the release of the last 116 Israeli hostages (42 of whom are said to have died).

The heads of the CIA, William Burns, and of the Israeli Mossad, David Barnea, are expected in the Qatari capital later today.

What has apparently allowed this resumption of talks is mainly a major concession from Hamas. On July 7, Hamas indicated that it was willing to “discuss an agreement” And this “without a prior commitment by Israel to a ‘complete and permanent ceasefire’”, writing The Times of Israel.

Until now, the Palestinian movement has been demanding that the Hebrew state commit to ending its military campaign in the enclave, launched in retaliation for the attacks of October 7, before any discussion on the release of the captives.

This concession is the consequence of the “Heavy losses for Hamas” and “heavy toll (hum

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