Houthis continue arrests of NGO workers, “unprecedented assault”

In Yemen, Houthi rebels are communicating massively on the “dismantling of a spy network for the benefit of America and Israel”, according to their site Yemeni Press. For over a month, they have been regularly announcing new arrests, like the same Yemeni Press, or upload new videos of “confessions”, reports the NGO Human Rights Watch.

Among those arrested are at least seventeen current or former employees of the United Nations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based in Yemen, according to a press release from several organizations concerned as of June 13.

But the balance sheet “could reach sixty” arrests, Yemeni researcher Afrah Nasser recently reported Dawn, human rights site in the Arab world. If the exact figure is not known, it is because “Some families prefer not to speak publicly” on the case of relatives imprisoned, for fear of reprisals from the Houthis, she adds.

Threat of new wave of arrests

Monday 1er In July, one of the most senior officials of the Houthi regime, Mehdi

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