In Brazil, Minas Gerais is the best destination for history buffs

While its crystal clear waterfalls and tropical forest continue to seduce, the state of Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil, also conquers Brazilians with its heritage. Presented as the “best historical destination” of the country by a survey by the Datafolha institute, published at the end of May by the brazilian daily Folha de São Paulo, Its picturesque small towns are attracting more and more national travelers. Since the Covid-19 crisis, they prefer to explore their own country rather than go abroad: the city of Tiradentes is one of these popular destinations. The daily newspaper insists: strolling through the small cobbled streets of its historic center is “a must”.

These municipalities, built when the country was under the control of Portugal – from the 16th century to independence in 1822 – show that “Brazil’s colonial period is full of history(ies)”, underlines Folha.

Another example to discover is the old mining city of Ouro Preto. The city was, in 1980, the first site in the country to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its attractiveness is partly due to one of the streets in the center,

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