In Burkina Faso, the president “finally” seen in the flesh after a “week of madness”

“IB (nickname of President Ibrahim Traoré) finally appeared this Thursday, June 20, 2024 in the flesh in the Council of Ministers and among our colleagues from Television (Radiodiffusion television du Burkina, or RTB, the public channel)”, writing Today in Faso. “Finally”, because the previous Council of Ministers at the presidency of Faso, on June 12, was disturbed by two resounding explosions, not far away, in the RTB courtyard.

This event – ​​an accidental shelling, according to the authorities – marked the beginning of an escalation of speculation and questions. Had President Ibrahim Traoré, in power since the coup of September 30, 2022, been affected, exfiltrated? Why did he remain invisible (the authenticity of a video of the president donating blood, broadcast forty-eight hours after this incident, had been debated)? Was a new putsch underway?

“Dantesque” week

A “Dantesque week on the communication level”, summarizes daily Burkinabe life. The report s

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