In Burma, renewed fighting forces junta to adopt porcupine strategy

On the picture, taken over by the independent media The Irrawaddy, The column of stationary vehicles seems endless. Like a stream from the heights of the city of Lashio.

After fighting resumed on June 25 around this key city in northeastern Burma, residents fled. Tens of thousands of them. reports the site Eleven Media. “About a third of the inhabitants have left,” says one of the residents. The Burmese service of Radio Free Asia estimated The number of people who have left Lashio in recent days, particularly after airstrikes by the Burmese air force, has reached 50,000.

A fragile peace had prevailed in the region thanks to a ceasefire agreed in January, under the auspices of China, between the army of the ruling junta and various armed ethnic groups that launched a major offensive in late October called “Operation 1027”. But on June 25, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) renewed their attacks around Lashio, a strategic town on a route linking the Burmese plains, where the large city of Mandalay is located, to the Chinese border.

These resistance groups are also moving closer to Mandalay, to believe Tea

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