In China, silicone masks are a new method for evading authorities

“They used ‘human-looking masks’ to commit crimes,” exclaims Xinwen Chenbao, Shanghai Morning Newspaper. And more specifically, silicone masks, usually used for film or artistic purposes. In many Chinese cities, police are warning about the dangers of these masks, which are becoming a new tool for some criminals wanting to hide their identity.

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu, police have discovered about 20 burglaries, committed by a single suspect wearing a silicone mask. The latter is ready to “change face” by disguising himself to escape the police, the newspaper explains.

In Shanghai, a burglar also broke into the homes of four residents wearing a mask that made him look like an old man. He stole more than 100,000 yuan (about 13,000 euros) worth of property, reports Xinwen Chenbao.

A social risk

“Silicone face masks are becoming a social risk, we must defend our faces,” alerts the official journal Gua

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