In Fico’s Slovakia, “an uninterrupted succession of bitter conflicts”

Great institution of the British press, The Economist, founded in 1843 by a Scottish hatter, is the bible for all those interested in international news. Openly liberal, he generally defends free trade, globalization, immigration and cultural liberalism. It is printed in six countries, and 85% of its sales are outside the UK.

None of the articles are signed: a long-standing tradition that the weekly supports with the idea that “personality and collective voice matter more than the individual identity of journalists”.

On the site of The Economist, in addition to the main articles in the journal, there are excellent thematic and geographical files produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit, as well as multimedia content, of the blogs and the calendar of conferences organized by the newspaper around the world. As a bonus: regular updating of the main stock market prices.

The magazine cover may vary between editions (UK, Europe, North America, Asia), but the content is the same; in the United Kingdom, however, a few additional pages deal with national news.
The Economist 43.4% belongs to the Italian Agnelli family, the rest of the capital being distributed between large British families (Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroders, etc.) and members of the editorial staff.

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