In Gaza, the American humanitarian pier “falls into the water”

The temporary pier built by the US military to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip by sea “hasn’t she always had her beak in the water?” since his commissioned a month and a half ago? asks the Israeli daily Ha’Aretz.

For the Lebanese newspaper The Orient-The Day, It is “a humanitarian mirage that falls apart”.

On June 28, the Pentagon announced that the floating dock, installed on the shore in southern Gaza City, had to be dismantled due to heavy seas, making it impossible to unload and transport equipment, and to be towed to the Israeli town of Ashdod.

This is the third time that the pier, “faced with many problems” since its installation, is detached, writing The Washington Post.

So much so that some American officials are considering not reinstalling it in the long term, “unless humanitarian aid can once again reach the population

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