In Kenya, the First Lady and the IMF are collateral victims of the protests

The wife of Kenyan President William Ruto is the first collateral victim of the shockwaves that have shaken Kenya following the wave of protests against the imposition of new taxes. After abandoning the finance bill that had crystallized anger, the president announced a series of budget cuts within the government. Among these, the elimination of funding granted to the first lady, Rachel Ruto, as well as to the wife of the Kenyan deputy president, Dorcas Rigathi.

“Because we have to live within our means, these offices will no longer be part of the equation from tomorrow, because, in the face of what has happened, we have to reduce all areas,” said the president, quoted by the Kenyan daily The Star.

In an interview with Kenya’s mainstream media, the president also announced that the budget of the presidency and ministries will be cut. He also promised to take action to reduce the lavish lifestyles of some of his allies in the majority: “I promise you, keep your eyes open. In the future you will see changes, we have to do something against opulence and extravagance,” said the head of state, relayed by The Standard.

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