In Kuwait, a dangerous autocratic turn in the indifference of Westerners

The rest of the world paid only absent attention to the suspension of parliament by the Emir of Kuwait on May 10, lamented ten days later the former American ambassador to the rich petromonarchy. Richard Le Baron on the website of the American think tank Atlantic Council.

“No statement from the White House or the Department of Foreign Affairs”he noted bitterly. This unprecedented decision and Kuwaiti news had not even attracted the attention of Western media, particularly American ones. It was only on Tuesday June 18 that the Washington Post ended up publishing a major editorial dedicated to the subject.

“Budding autocrats”

“An important Arab ally (of the United States) loses its democracy, and Biden remains silent”, headlines the American newspaper, emphasizing that the dissolution until further notice of parliamentary life took place just after yet another electoral victory for opposition deputies.

The title adds that the justifications given by the Emir of Kuwait, Meshaal Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, “sound ominously like what many aspiring autocrats have said to justify overturning election results, in the Arab world or elsewhere.”

Certainly, conceded the Washington Post, Kuwaiti democracy was

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