In Poland, NATO stands guard in the Suwalki corridor

“We are a deep reconnaissance unit. Our soldiers have trained on different continents and in different conditions: in the California desert, in the Louisiana swamps and in the African jungle.” Major Arthur Purbrick lets these words escape with machine-gun speed.

In the Mojave Desert in the United States, tarantulas were a concern. In Scotland, it was highland midges. Now, in the forests of Masuria (in northeastern Poland), Purbrick has to watch out for ticks. “The conditions here are very similar to those in Scotland,” he jokes.

Joking aside, the major commands the British unit of the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, now stationed in Bemowo Piskie. The contingent in Poland amounts to 150 soldiers. The fact that the Queen’s Dragoon Guards are a reconnaissance unit means above all that they are the first to go into action. The further movements depend on their analysis of the situation.

Abrams tanks, Bradley armored personnel carriers and Coyote 6×6

The major doesn’t beat around the bush. “Would you like to see the equipment?” I don’t even have to answer. The officer gives an order and I go with Corporal Taza Salamut to a hangar, a few minutes from the headquarters. On the way, the equipment of other units spreads out before our eyes. We pass powerful Abrams tanks, but also famous Bradleys and armored vehicles that I discover.

“Here are our cats.” Salamut shows me some British off-road vehicles: Jackal 4x4s and their big brothers, Coyotes 6x6s. “Our unit moves above all with lightness and speed. Our task? To get as close as possible, without being noticed, and to engage in reconnaissance.explains Corporal Salamut. We use drones for ad hoc tasks. They give a better idea of ​​the situation and are relatively difficult to detect.”

Among the weapons the British have at their disposal are portable NLAW missile launchers. The equipment of the Royal Lancers is respected – and yet they are only one of the sub-units stationed in Bemowo Piskie. But what is the purpose of this NATO mission hidden in the Masurian forests?

In place since 2017

NATO troops have been stationed in Bemowo Piskie since 2017. There are Americans, Croats, Romanians and British. They are part of one of the eight battle groups, which are as many battalions of

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