In Sweden, grandparents are paid to look after their grandchildren

The information went relatively unnoticed in the Swedish press at the beginning of the summer. But since the 1er In July, a reform of parental leave came into force, with a provision likely to have a concrete impact on the lives of young parents and some of their loved ones.

So much Daily News thatAftonbladet, Two of the kingdom’s leading dailies have given him only one paragraph. Thus, the second one sums up, “Parents of young children can (now) transfer part of their parental allowance days to family members, for example.” But also to friends or other relatives. The choice is up to the parents.

They are entitled to make this transfer for a maximum period of ninety days per child. “If parents have joint custody of a child, each of them has the right to transfer a maximum of forty-five days,” precise a local daily, Allehanda Hall (in the center of the country).

Swedish media, which like this one, devote some space to the subject, consider grandparents as the most natural beneficiaries of this

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