In the first round of the 2024 legislative elections, the victory of “friends of Putin”

“Can we still stop the extreme right in France, and should we be afraid?” the Ukrainian news channel asks on its website 24, which continues: “The first round of legislative elections in France gave victory to the far-right National Rally. These elections caused a real explosion in society, and massive demonstrations were organized against the extreme right in France.”

“Despite expectations, there was no miracle,” notes the chain. This time, in fact, agrees Evropeiska Pravda, the version of the daily online Ukrainska Pravda dedicated to European and Atlantic integration, “The polls were not wrong” and the legislative elections resulted in the “victory of Putin’s friends” and to “Macron’s defeat”. In an interview on the site’s YouTube channeljournalist Yuriy Pantchenko warns that “If Le Pen’s victory is confirmed in the second round, France will have big problems.”

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