In the Red Sea, the Houthis intensify their attacks

The freighter Tutor sank in the Red Sea on June 19, a week after being hit by a naval drone controlled by the Houthis of Yemen, reports the American site specializing in Middle Eastern affairs Al-Monitor, which emphasizes that it is the second commercial boat to have been sunk by the Houthis, after the Rubymar at the beginning of March, with its cargo of fertilizer, raising fears of an ecological catastrophe.

It was in October 2023 that the Houthis began attacking ships with missiles and drones in the Red Sea, the Bab El-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Aden, under the pretext of supporting the Palestinians. “Initially, these attacks targeted ships heading to or from Israel, but later they spread to other ships,” adds Al-Monitor. In all, the Houthis have carried out more than 70 attacks, the last of which was on June 13 against a Ukrainian ship in the Gulf of Aden, seriously injuring one of the crew.

The Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean now threatened

At the beginning of May, the Houthis even threatened to extend their operations to the Indian Ocean, to also target boats sailing between Asia and Europe, avoiding the Red Sea, via the Cape of Good Hope.

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