In the Spanish town of Marbella, urinating in the sea could cost you dearly

“In Marbella, tourists could almost end up penniless if caught peeing in water.” According to The Times, all “physiological evacuation into the sea or on the beach” will in fact be prohibited on the outskirts of the city, under penalty of a fine of 750 euros.

The Spanish municipality has just voted on a large-scale sanitation plan for the Costa del Sol, including tougher penalties for those who decide to relieve themselves along the coast. Several beaches are affected by the regulation, which still needs to be approved by the city’s residents during a public consultation.

“Like pissing in a violin”

“The measure is controversial in Spain, where it has been ridiculed,” resumes the TimesOpponents of the new legislation say, among other things, that swimmers’ urine does not represent that“a drop in the ocean” for the cleanliness of the beaches.

In their eyes, monitoring the actions of each swimmer to ensure that they do not relieve themselves in the open air would not be feasible, “it would be like pissing in a violin”.

Located in the south of Spain, Marbella is not the only city to have passed such anti-urine legislation. “Malaga introduced a similar regulation in 2004, with fines of up to 300 euros. Further north, the municipality of Vigo introduced in 2022 the possibility of giving fines of up to 750 euros to those who relieve themselves in the sea.”

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