Invest your holiday money, this is what an average income can earn with crypto

Almost everyone has now received their holiday pay. A nice extra just before the summer period. But what if you don’t feel like going on holiday? Then you can also invest it in cryptocurrency.

Assuming an average income

The holiday pay consists of at least eight percent of your gross annual salary, calculated from May to May. You only get that eight percent on your salary, not on a bonus or a thirteenth month.

It salary of the average Dutch person who works full-time is 3,395 euros per month. This amounts to a net of 1,626 euros in holiday pay in 2024. A nice amount and just a little more than last year.

Most pack their suitcases and settle on a sun-drenched beach. Others choose to reduce debt or build up savings. But investing in crypto? This is surprisingly rarely reflected in the statistics.

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Cryptocurrencies have proven to be able to achieve high returns in the past. Investing in crypto can be an attractive way to grow your wealth in the long term, provided you make the right choices.

Of course, we cannot look into the future, but we can check what your return would be if you had paid in your holiday allowance exactly a year ago.

Return on holiday pay in crypto

If you had invested your holiday allowance of 1,626 euros exactly one year ago, this would be the result:

  • Bitcoin: the price was 24,806 euros a year ago and now 63,665 euros. Your investment of 1,626 has increased by 2,547 and is now worth 4,173 euros.
  • Ethereum: the price of ether was 1,697 euros a year ago and has risen to 3,460 euros. Your holiday allowance has been doubled and is now worth 3,315 euros.
  • Ripple (XRP): an investment in XRP also has a positive outcome. After a year, your investment has increased by 11.2% and your holiday allowance is worth 1,808 euros.
  • Solana: the value of Solana has increased by 700% in one year. Your holiday allowance investment has increased to no less than 13,028 euros!
  • Cardano: too Cardano (ADA) shows green numbers after one year. 1626 euros has risen in one year to 2012 euros.

These are all figures comparing May 2023 with today. However, the expectation of many analysts is that the bull market will take place in 2024 and 2025 for many coins.

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