Israel calls on Gaza City residents to evacuate for first time since October

The Israeli army on Wednesday, July 10, called on all residents to evacuate Gaza, the main city in the besieged Palestinian territory, as its soldiers continue to carry out operations against Hamas. As explained Al-Jazeera in his live on the situation, the leaflets parachuted from the sky by Tsahal “indicate exit routes from Gaza City to ‘safe areas’ further south.” Roads to follow, continues the Qatari media, “to go quickly and without control to the shelters of Deir Al-Balah and Az-Zawiya”.


This evacuation order is the first since October 2023. The first warnings to this effect had already been given on June 27, as part of the“intensification of the military offensive on the city”. The news site denounces an inconsistency: “These latest orders contradict Israel’s announcement in January that it had ‘dismantled’ THE ‘military structures’ Hamas in the northern city of the Strip,” which is clearly not the case.

Fact, “The defense forces announced on Wednesday, July 10, that they had carried out a raid yesterday against the headquarters of UNRWA (the United Nations Office for Palestine Refugees) in Gaza,” relates The Times of Israel. The Jerusalem newspaper states that “According to the military, (UNRWA headquarters) was used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to launch attacks against IDF troops.”

An operation that occurs after the serious accusations made in January by the Hebrew state against the UN agency which deals with Palestinian refugees, and several members of which are said to have participated in the October 7 attacksaccording to Israel.

According to Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, whose statements are reported by Al-Jazeera, The Hebrew state would even try “to eliminate UNRWA in order to eliminate the Palestinian question in general and the refugee question in particular.” Safadi met his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry, on Wednesday. Reacting to the announcement of the evacuation order, he spoke of a “red line for Jordan and Egypt”. A red line that Israel did not hesitate to cross.

After ten months of war, new discussions are planned in Qatar to try to agree on the terms of a ceasefire and the release of Israeli hostages.

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