Israeli warship’s “technical stopover” provokes outrage in Morocco

The port of Tanger Med, in Morocco, received between June 6 and 7 the unexpected visit of an imposing 2,500-ton ship, measuring 95 meters long and 20 meters wide. This is theINS Komemiyut, an Israeli warship which was carrying out “a technical stopover”, explains the Moroccan news site The Desk. Described as “a landing craft of the Israeli military navy”, the vessel was traveling between the United States and Israel.

The stopover would have allowed theINS Komemiyut and its crew, composed “dozens of naval combat soldiers”, to refuel before continuing its route to an Israeli port. This is the second stopover of its kind at Tanger Med, after that ofINS Nachshon, in September 2023.


But in the midst of the war in Gaza, and in the context of the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, this controversial docking was

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