Italy: Meloni on the defensive after investigation into his “fascist” youth movement

The long-awaited response to the controversy came in the form of an open letter that Giorgia Meloni addressed to the leaders of her party, Fratelli d’Italia. The Milanese daily Corriere della Sera relays the most significant extract.

“Like many of you, I am angry and saddened by the image of us that has been conveyed by the behavior of some young people in our party. I have said it dozens of times, but I repeat it: in our party, there is no room for racist or anti-Semitic positions, there is no space for those nostalgic for totalitarianism (…). The parties of the right, from which many of us come, have already settled their accounts with the past and fascism several decades ago, and this is even more true for our young political movement.”

Fascist chants and “Sieg Heil!”

If Giorgia Meloni felt the need to clarify (once again) these principles, It’s because an inquiry

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