Japan: Yuriko Koike re-elected as Tokyo governor for a third term

“The people of Tokyo have encouraged me, through their wishes, to advance my reforms even further.” It was with these words that Yuriko Koike, current governor of Tokyo and outgoing candidate for her own succession, acknowledged her victory on the evening of July 7, according to information relayed by Japanese public media NHK.

In the Tokyo gubernatorial election that took place a few hours earlier, the 71-year-old former environment minister, who has headed the prefecture since 2016, garnered 2.9 million votes.

To everyone’s surprise, Shinji Ishimaru, former mayor of the city of Akitakata (western Japan), came in second, with 1.6 million votes. As for Renho, 56, a senator from the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP, center-left), who was presented as the pri

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