Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the architect of victory, good for the closet?

After his unexpected victory against the far right and the president’s centrist bloc Macronan embarrassing question comes to spoil the pleasure of the French left: what should be done with old ?

In its rapid rise, the New Popular Front (NFP) owes much to the populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 72, whose party, La France Insoumise, dominates the French left, led the campaign of the ad hoc alliance created for these legislative elections and set the tone for this express campaign.

An essential personality

The problem is that Mélenchon, a three-time presidential candidate, came third in 2022 in a close second with Marine Le Penis seen, both by his moderate partners in the PS and by dissidents within his own party, as a tyrant whose revolutionary rhetoric serves as a scarecrow for the rest of the country.

The NFP, in which socialists, environmentalists and communists have united willingly or unwillingly with the more cumbersome and radical Mélenchonist political machine, does not have a leader who commands consensus. But the former Trotskyist friend of the populist regimes of Latin America is undeniably its most essential personality.

True to his taste for grandiloquence, Mélenchon was the first to take to the podium on Sunday evening to demand that Macron submit, even though the NFP is far from having won a majority in the Assembly. “The president must bow down and admit this defeat without trying to circumvent it in any way.”did he declare.

Macron must appoint a prime minister who will implement the entire NFP project, insisted Mél

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