Jill Biden, the unwavering “human shield” of the American president

In the midst of the media tornado that has been hitting the Democratic camp and the American president, Joe Biden, for over a week, whom most Americans consider too old to run for the White House again, “Some of the frustration is directed at First Lady Jill Biden,” notes columnist Michelle Cottle in the New York Times.

It must be said that this one has been playing for years “the role of human shield” for her husband president which means that if Joe Biden is determined to stay in the race, “Jilly, as he calls her, will support him. Period,” the columnist points out. And this, even if a large part of his own party suspects that he is no longer able to do so.

“The more establishment elites demand that Joe get out of the race, the more likely Jill will support him.” strikes the New York Times.

Unwavering support

The fact that the magazine Vogue In the middle of the storm, a glossy cover comes out showing the First Lady all dressed up, with this title “we will decide our future”, and publishes in its pages a long interview with Jill Bidenhas not helped matters. Whatever happens “Between now and the November 5 election, Jill Biden will be the president’s closest confidant and most steadfast supporter,” the magazine emphasizes.

A coverage that comes at a very bad time, many media outlets have reacted, like the Financial Times, who thinks this one came out “at the worst time”. Even though Vogue’s editorial staff had probably decided long ago to dedicate its cover to the first lady and sent the magazine’s pages to the printers well before Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate against Donald Trump of June 27th.

In the Washington Post, Columnist Kathleen Parker doesn’t mince her words and puts Joe Biden’s wife and his vice president, Kamala Harris, back to back. Two women whose current roles only increase the risk of seeing Donald Trump re-elected to the White House in November, according to her. For some time, she has written “Jill Biden seems to be running the show and even the country”even though his name did not appear on the ballot in 2020, the columnist lashes out.

It is clear that she is pushing her husband to stay in the race, probably because she is “unwilling to retire to Delaware with a man who is getting older. That’s what happens, age (…) turns a once vigorous and intelligent person into a stranger who is content to watch dust particles dance in a ray of sunlight.”.

Under the influence of two women

As Joe Biden considers his options, it is increasingly likely that his running mate, Kamala Harris, will replace him as the Democratic Party’s nominee. “The machine has already been set in motion to make her appear presidential,” underlines the columnist who deplores that because Kamala Harris “is the first South Asian American and the first black woman elected to the vice presidency, no Democrat has the courage to say the obvious, that she is not Barack Obama”.

And the columnist concluded on a bitter note: “For the sake of the country (…) I hope Jill brings Joe home,” while there is still time and he can leave “with his dignity almost intact.” Not without adding that she fears “that Donald Trump becomes president again, not in spite of Kamala Harris, but because of her.”

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