Joe Biden is causing panic among American Democrats

“Panic is not too strong a word to describe the feeling that ran through the Democratic Party, from top to bottom, throughout the debate,” writes the magazine Time, which displays this single word on the front page of its latest issue, with Biden apparently heading for the exit. “But w…what’s going on?” allegedly wrote by SMS one of the party collaborators, responsible for raising funds, during the evening of June 27.

“When it was over, Democrats almost immediately began to wonder whether and how Biden could be convinced to step aside, for the sake of the party, for the country and for the candidate himself,” adds the bi-monthly.

The challenge promises to be significant: since Thursday, the president’s entourage has worked as best he can to “calm the panic”, particularly among donors. Several democratic figures came to his rescue. “A bad debate happens,” tweeted former President Barack Obama.

“When you bite the dust, you get back up!” Joe Biden himself said at a rally the next day of the presidential debatewhile recognizing that he had not known “a great night”. Certainly, Biden has often stood up during his career. But sometimes, the magazine concludes, “It’s still better to stay on the ground.”

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