Joe Biden persists and signs: only the “Lord Almighty” could force him to withdraw from the race

“In his first major interview since the calamitous debate that plunged his reelection bid into uncertainty, President Biden dismissed concerns about his health and doubts about his ability to win, saying that only ‘the Lord Almighty’ could convince him to step down”, summarizes the New York Times.

“No one is more qualified than me” For “earn” the election, the 81-year-old Democrat said during a one-on-one interview with journalist George Stephanopoulos on the American channel ABC. “If the Lord Almighty were to come down and say ‘Joe, get out of the race’, I would withdraw from the race, but he is not going to go down”he said ironically.

The journalist grilled Joe Biden for twenty-two minutes, “not only on his performance in the debate against Donald Trump, but also on reports that his lapses have become increasingly frequent in recent months – and on what he was prepared to do to reassure Americans”, observed ABC News.

“Can I run a hundred meters in ten seconds? No. But I’m still in good shape.”assured the president. “Are you more fragile?”Mr. Stephanopoulos insisted. “No”the octogenarian replied firmly.

A “closely monitored” interview

Asked about his poor performance in the debate against Donald Trump, Joe Biden once again mentioned a bad cold. “I was sick. I really didn’t feel well.”he said. As for the question of whether he had watched his performance since, the spectators had to be content with a cryptic answer: “I do not believe”.

“Democrats were watching Biden’s performance closely in the free-wheeling interview, seeking assurances that he has the mental fortitude to run for president.”and to reach the end of a possible second term, note Politico.

“But there were several moments in the interview when Biden abruptly changed the subject with an ‘anyway,’ and at times noticeably lowered his voice.”the site continues. “In a response, he began to explain in great detail how he had prepared for the debate, before straying into polls and ’28’ Donald Trump’s lies”and to end by saying that his poor performance was not “nobody else’s fault” than him.

“Weak and hoarse voice”

“The president answered questions more clearly than in last week’s debate, but his voice was again weak and at times hoarse.”, judge for his part the BBC.
“It was in stark contrast to his performance at a meeting.” Earlier in the day in Wisconsin, where Mr. Biden had been running strong “energetic”.

Admitting to his supporters that his performance during the debate had been “disastrous”he told the crowd: “Since then, there has been a lot of speculation. What will Joe do?”. And to continue: “Here is my answer. I am a candidate and I will win again.”.

But as noted The Countryon the stage of his rally, Joe Biden had a teleprompter to read his text, “A help that has recently proven indispensable for the president to follow the thread of his speech”.

“Friday’s events – the interview, a fiery rally in Wisconsin and a heated exchange with reporters on an airport tarmac – made clear that he has no intention of ending his re-election bid.”, concludes the Washington Post. The president will therefore “to clash head-on with many members of his own party”who will have to resolve to “to oust him if they want to replace him at the head of the Democratic ticket”.

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