Joe Biden tries to extinguish doubts about his candidacy

A wind of panic blew into the Democratic camp since the televised debate on June 27. Calls for President Biden to step down in favor of another candidate better equipped to face Donald Trump, have multiplied in the press.

However, the first interested party and his entourage immediately sought to put an end to the speculation. His team “made it known early Friday that he would not leave the campaign on his own initiative,” relates The Washington Post.

A more energetic president on Friday

Joe Biden himself sought to address concerns during a meeting on Friday. “The contrast was stark between the fiery Biden who addressed a crowd of supporters gathered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the hesitant, sometimes confused president at the debate in Atlanta,” writes the journalist of Washington Post Dan Balz in his analysis.

“I know I’m not a young man anymore. (…) I’m not as good a debater as I used to be,” acknowledged the White House tenant.

“But I am sure of what I know. (…) And I know, as millions of Americans know, that when you bite the dust, you get back up!”

His wife used exactly the same words during a fundraising

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