Labour victory in the UK: a deceptive triumph

These moments are rare: when the country decides to turn its back on a political era and take another direction, it is a historic moment. (“You were in front of your TV when (the former Prime Minister) Liz Truss lost his seat?”) And July 2024 will be remembered for a century. It allows Keir Starmer’s Labour (412 out of 650 seats) to embark on a national reconstruction project that is as audacious as it is incredibly difficult – in terms of public services, the economy and morale.

With our economy weakened, our growth anemic, and the immense challenges looming abroad, this project will require making enemies of many groups, making difficult decisions, and accepting short-term unpopularity. A heavy burden falls on the shoulders of the optimistic men and women who will take it on, despite their limited experience.

For the defeated Conservatives, things could have been worse: they took a beating (121 seats, the worst result in the party’s history), but it was not fatal. However, as they try to recover, they face an almost impossible dilemma, and perhaps

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New Statesman (London)

Since its founding in 1913, this political journal, renowned as much for the seriousness of its analysis as for the ferocity of its commentary, has been the forum of the independent left. The title is, by definition, the newspaper of reference for the left-wing intelligentsia, but its columns are open to a wide range of opinions. A supporter of Labour, the magazine had, unusually, distanced itself from Labour when Jeremy Corbyn, from the left wing of the party, assumed its editorship.

Its circulation has been increasing for several years and reached 43,000 copies in 2023, its highest level in thirty-five years. Its online version is enjoying the same success, with 4 million unique visitors per month.

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