Le Pen or Bardella? After the defeat, we are already wondering who will represent the RN in 2027

Get ready for a war of succession, French far-right style. Marine Le Pen and her 28-year-old protégé Jordan Bardella suffered a defeat in the second round of the French legislative elections on Sunday, placing their party third behind the French president’s coalition, Emmanuel Macronand the left alliance, which came out on top.

The RN’s digestion of this disappointing result will not be without strong accusations, recriminations and, if the past is any guide, expulsions of leaders who will be held responsible for this bitter failure. The main executives of the National Rally are now looking with some apprehension at the next big challenge that awaits them: seizing the presidential palace of the Élysée in 2027. With such a deadline on the horizon, the nascent rivalry between the pupil and the master risks turning into war, and tearing apart one of the most successful political partnerships in post-war French history.

The stakes are high, as they concern who will command the nationalist troops of the French right in the battle for the presidency, expected in three years, or even sooner if Macron makes the unlikely decision to step down.

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