Legislative elections 2024: Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen on the front page of international media

“Oh my God !” title, this Monday 1er July in one, the Greek daily Ta Nea. And he is not the only one to display his astonishment, even his concern. The victory, the day before, of the National Rally in the first round of the legislative elections seemed to have the effect of a bomb in editorial offices around the world. Having obtained nearly 33%, the far-right party and its allies achieved a historic score which could well result in the arrival of its president, Jordan Bardella, at Matignon by the end of the month. A situation that a journalist from CNN summarizes as “the beginning of a period of political chaos for France”.

More concretely, beyond recalling the social policy of the National Rally, which “plays the Islamophobia card” according to CBS NEWS, or even that of “national preference”, recalls the site of the Qatari channel Al Jazeera, it is the economic and diplomatic aspect of the far-right party which is particularly singled out. In Belgium, The evening note for example that “Jordan Bardella will not only be the Prime Minister of France, he will also be that of the second power – the only power with nuclear weapons – in Europe”, while Japanese economic newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun suggests that his arrival at Matignon could worsen the French public deficit.

The responsibility of Emmanuel Macron, the big loser in this first round with just over 20% of the vote, is also pointed out. “His arrogance and his disdain for the French got the better of him,” comments the British newspaper Spectator. In Germany, The Mirror qualifies him for his part “of an offended and rebellious child” without whom “this political crisis would not have hit the country.”

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