Legislative elections. High turnout of French people at midday, “at the highest level since 1981”

At noon, from “one of the longest days in French political history”according to the terms from the Belgian newspaper The eveningthe participation in the second round of the early legislative elections broke a new record. According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior relayed by The weatherit stood at 26.63% (against 25.9% on Sunday June 30 at noon, during the first round), “at its highest since 1981”.

In total, 43.3 million French people are called to the polls to elect their MP in the 501 constituencies (out of 577) that require a second round. Among them, 89 have a “three-way” and two have a “four-way”. Nearly 6 million voters are not concerned because the MP for their constituency has already been elected in the first round (this is the case for 76 of them).

On the day, estimated Free Belgiumparticipation is “expected to be at the same level as in the first round where it reached 66.7%, something never seen since the previous dissolution in 1997”. In fact, it is estimated The evening, “These elections are not legislative elections. This vote is a referendum. A referendum for or against the extreme right in power.”. THE Guardian British goes so far as to say that it is about “one of the most important elections in living memory”. “France is preparing for a major political upheaval,” abounds the RTBF.

First results in overseas territories

“It will also be one of the longest days for Europe, which has been watching France with amazement and anxiety for the past month,” resumes The evening. “The stakes are also the future of the European Union. The shift, or not, into a post-Covid world that is as uncertain as it is terrifying.” The issue goes beyond the EU, estimates the RTBF :

“The other Western capitals have their eyes turned towards Paris this Sunday. And in particular Ukraine.”

In addition, the first results have been released in some overseas territories, reports The evening which clearly specifies that “these results do not in any way presume a national trend”. In Guadeloupe, The Free Talk about “disappointment for the RN”whose two candidates qualified for the second round did not convert the test. The four outgoing independent and left-wing deputies regain their seats.

In Martinique, “NFP wins the bet”, continues the Brussels daily, the four constituencies going to candidates from the left-wing alliance. In Guyana, “full house on the left” Also, the two outgoing candidates supported by the NFP are strengthened, with Davy Rimane even totaling 100% of the votes, due to the lack of an opponent.

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