Legislative elections in France: “Everyone loses, except the left”

The takeover of the French Republic by the extreme right has ultimately fizzled out, underlines the Wall Street Journal. French voters gave the left a narrow majority, while producing a divided National Assembly. Nothing of the sort “will not make life easier for the French president who was the main architect of this political confusion,” asserts the conservative daily in its editorial.

In that case, “Everyone is a loser, except the left”continues the Wall Street Journal. Macron impulsively called this snap election after the good results obtained by the National Rally in the European electionsThe French president hoped voters would abandon the RN if control of the national government was at stake.

“This bet worked, to the extent that the RN did less well than expected in the second round of the legislative elections, enough to calm the ardor of Mrs Le Pen during a moment”but the party still increased its number of seats in the National Assembly, notes the Wall Street Journal.

France paralyzed?

And the American daily newspaper drove the point home by emphasizing that Macron “doesn’t come out a winner at all”. Her “anyone but Le Pen” strategy

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