Legislative elections: Macron camp limits the damage but “Jupiter has been eclipsed”

He did it again. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron “shattered the French political landscape, buried the two-party system.” Seven years later, the surprise dissolution of the National Assembly led to a new explosion, breath The World, to Madrid.

The relative majority of the centrist president? Gone. “And with her, mocks The Spectator, his hopes of taking advantage of these last three years at the Élysée to realize this vision of France that he dreamed of and which will remain unfinished.”

The results of the first round of early legislative electionson Sunday, June 30, suggested a possible collapse of Ensemble below the 100-seat mark. Thanks to the Republican barrier erected against the National Rally, and withdrawals from all sides, particularly on the left, the former presidential majority would ultimately retain between 152 and 163 seats out of the 245 won during the 2022 legislative elections – according to estimates at 9:45 p.m. by Ipsos-Talan for France Télévisions.

“Partially successful” poker move

Despite the “irresponsible headbutt”, like the Swiss newspaper The weather qualified The dissolution decided on June 9, Emmanuel Macron would save the day, in short:

“The bet launched a month ago, on the evening of a heavy defeat in the European elections (14.6%), could have ended in a much more significant rout.”

But the provisional results remain a defeat for Macronism, relegated to second position behind the New Popular Front (NFP). “Proof, if proof were needed, that the man who always believes himself to be more intelligent than others is generally not so.”creaks The Spectatorwritten by columnist Jonathan Miller.

Same tone, full of anger, in the South German newspaper, in Germany.

“Macron let the vote create unnecessary political chaos; the rapid formation of alliances on the left must have surprised him. The president did not give his centrist group a tactical advantage to prepare for the elections and find allies. Macron will pose as the winner and be celebrated as the conqueror of the right. But in reality, he must admit that this was also a vote of anger against the president – and not just against the far right.”

“His gamble was partially successful, Henry Samuel contests on his sidecorrespondent of the Daily Telegraph in Paris. He was right on one point, the election led to a clarification of the French political landscape, now composed of three blocs, the hard right, the centre and the left bloc.”

On the lookout for a disintegration of the NFP?

At around 6:30 p.m., the President of the Republic received the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, and the leaders of his parliamentary coalition. It was still unclear at the beginning of the evening whether the Head of State would speak.

“Emmanuel Macron remains in power, but his political army is decimatedanticipated, before the results, the German journalist Wolfgang Münchau in the columns of the New Statesman, in London. “This is the end of Jupiter’s hyperpresidency, eclipsed”, confirmed The Vanguardia, in Barcelona.

“He is probably counting on the disintegration of the NFP, in order to team up with the Greens, the Socialists and other more moderate members of the left alliance. But with the victory of the NFP, this hypothesis has been dashed.”, move forward Financial Times. “President Macron will in any case have difficulty appointing a Prime Minister,” predicts the Catalan centre-right daily Macaw. A personality from the left? Or from the potential new presidential majority, depending on alliances? “Everything is now possible”assure The WorldThe current occupant of Matignon, Gabriel Attal, has announced his intention to resign on Monday.

On Sunday shortly before 9 p.m., the Élysée assured that Emmanuel Macron would wait until the “structuring” of the new Assembly for “make decisions” necessary. No new surprise speech, then. No new poker move. For the first time in a month, slide The Times,Macron keeps a low profile.

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