Legislative elections: the French turnaround seen by foreign cartoonists

France narrowly avoided crashing out of the road thanks to last-minute left turn, summarises Trouw from the Netherlands, in the first drawing of our slideshow. The results of the French legislative elections, which placed the New Popular Front (NFP) in first place ahead of Ensemble and the National Rally (RN), have been widely commented on around the worldand press cartoonists also report on this unexpected turnaround. The latter had already had a field day against Emmanuel Macron after the first round, and are no more tender with him after the second.

The French have finally chosen to keep the RN and the presidential camp in check, camped by Horsch in the clutches of a disgruntled rooster. And now? Place your bets, quips the Danish Niels Bo Bojesen: it is impossible, for the moment, to know under which cup the political future of the country lies, and the game of alliances promises to be very risky.

The NFP, the presidential camp and the RN now form three distinct and possibly irreconcilable blocs, seems to tell us the Austrian cartoonist Oliver, who depicts a National Assembly fractured into three pillars by a Jupiterian Macron.

By taking a gamble, the French president may well have led his country into a dead end, warns Swiss cartoonist Alex. And it is his own camp that may be the most stunned.

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