Macron calls for a “plural” coalition in France? For a Swede, it seems obvious

That we can call for the formation of a “wide” parliamentary majority, “Above” traditional political blocs, as President Macron did in his letter to the French from Wednesday July 10, “This may sound reasonable, when no bloc has a majority” to the National Assembly, estimated Daily News in Stockholm. “But in France, it is not certain that a compromise can be found”immediately adds the Paris correspondent of this liberal-leaning daily. And Erik de la Reguera drives the point home: “For a Swede (however), it may seem obvious. If you don’t have a clear majority, political bargaining is necessary.”

Without naming him, the journalist implicitly refers to the agreement reached in the kingdom in 2014 between traditional political parties ranging from social democracy to the traditional right to avoid giving the slightest influence to the extreme right. An agreement reached after no political bloc had obtained a majority following legislative elections, and which allowed a pink-green minority coalition to govern until 2018.

At the end of the following voteanother agreement – ​​concluded after more than four months of negotiations between the Social Democrats, the Greens, the Centrist Party and the Liberals – had allowed a Social Democratic minority government to lead the country until the 2022 legislative elections.

More generally, Swedish practice dictates that a government, when in a minority, can often rely on parties from the opposing side to get a particular bill adopted, at the cost of reciprocal concessions.

French radicalization

“But on both the right and the left of the French political spectrum, a crucial question now arises: chaos or compromise, which would benefit me most?”continues Daily News.

A peculiarity which, according to Erik de la Reguera, depends in particular on “political culture” in force in a country whose electoral system, until now, “makes compromises rarely necessary, and where politics is synonymous with confrontation between clear alternatives”.

In addition, the newspaper points out the emergence of three major political blocs in France “contributed to radicalization, and not just on the right”The search for compromise is no longer found “complicated”. What is more, while “Everyone is thinking about the 2027 presidential election”.

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