Media Veil Lifts on Biden’s ‘Absences’

The Trump camp has reason to rejoice these days: Joe Biden’s slips of the tongue and omissions, until now mainly tools of attack for the Republicans, are now seen as signs of a potentially disabling health condition of the Democratic president, candidate for a new term at the head of the United States.

On June 27, the televised debate on CNN revealed to all a tired, hesitant, sometimes stammering Joe Biden, even unable to finish his sentences. To the point that the American press wondered if he was not Time for Democrats to change their foal facing Donald Trump.

Now, a media veil seems to be lifting on the president’s state of health, while the subject had rarely been directly addressed in the centrist and left-wing press.

A question of rhythm

If Joe Biden tried to quell doubts on his health, his “absences” are not from yesterday, underlines The New York Times, who reveals in a detailed article that the 81-year-old man was often seen “confused and disoriented.” Several of his Past and present collaborators say they have noticed “more frequent and more worrying slips” over the past year.

But Biden “is not always like this”, nuances the article, which notes that moments of confusion occur especially when there is “A “too demanding a pace,” as during this month of June when he crossed the Atlantic several times.

The president showed c

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