“More Atrocious Than Guantanamo”: Inside the Hell of Israel’s Sde Teiman Detention Camp

“The situation here is more atrocious than anything that has been said aboutAbu Ghraib and of Guantanamo (prisons where the American army committed many atrocities, particularly during the war in Iraq).” These are the words of Khaled Mahajneh, who was the first lawyer to be allowed to enter the Sde Teiman detention center.

Since October 7, more than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners arrested by Israel in the Gaza Strip have passed through this military base located in the Negev. While some have been released, most are still in the hands of Israeli authorities.

Khaled Mahajneh, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was initially contacted by the Al-Araby television channel, which had not heard from its reporter Muhammad Arab, arrested in March while covering the Israeli siege of Al-Chifa hospital in Gaza. “I contacted the Israeli army command center. I provided them with a photo and an ID card of Muhammad Arab, as well as my professional card as a lawyer, and they informed me that he was in detention in Sde Teiman and that visits were allowed.”

The “death camp”

Upon arriving at the base on June 19, Mahajneh was asked to park his car at a distance and get in

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Drawing by Lauzan
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