More “bad news” for Marine Le Pen, under investigation into her 2022 campaign

“Bad news for Marine Le Pen: not only did the National Rally only come third in the legislative elections, but now it has attracted the attention of the Paris prosecutor’s office,” wrote the South German newspaper.

A judicial investigation was in fact opened on July 2 concerning suspicions of illicit financing of the 2022 presidential campaign of the far-right candidate, as revealed by BFMTV on Tuesday July 9.

The investigation follows a 2023 report from the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Financing. It will now have to shed light on the following counts: loan from a legal entity to a candidate during an election campaign, acceptance by a candidate during a campaign of a loan from a legal entity, misappropriation of property by persons exercising a public function, forgery and use of forgery as well as fraud committed to the detriment of a public person.

For Marine Le Pen, the blow is all the harder because it comes after a bitter defeat in the second round of the legislative elections. “Just a few days ago, Le Pen saw himself in government, the Italian daily advances The Republic, and today she is in trouble with the law again.”

France is accustomed to this kind of affair in political circles. “Similar procedures have already been opened in the past, traces the Italian newspaper. Many people remember in particular the investigation into Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign.”

Upcoming convictions and trials

This is not Marine Le Pen and her party’s first legal case. The National Rally was notably convicted of fraud at the expense of the State, misuse of corporate assets, breach of trust and receiving stolen goods and money laundering in the 2012 campaign kits affair. It was fined 250,000 euros. A judgment confirmed on June 19 by the Court of Cassation.

Other convictions could also be handed down soon. “The trial of Marine Le Pen and 24 other people accused of embezzling millions of euros of European Parliament funds to finance her party’s activities in France is due to open in Paris in September,” remember The Times. The British daily specifies that “Le Pen, who last year entrusted the management of day-to-day affairs of her party to her young protégé Jordan Bardelladenies all the charges and denounces a political trial.

If prosecuted, the new legal case concerning her 2022 campaign could cost the newly re-elected MP in the North dearly. According to Politico, “Marine Le Pen risks five years of ineligibility, which could prevent her from running in the next presidential election in 2027.”

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