Moroccan justice authorizes the wearing of the veil in a French high school in Marrakech

On June 10, the Victor-Hugo French high school in Marrakech refused to open its doors to a 14-year-old student wearing the Islamic veil, reports the Moroccan Arabic-speaking newspaper Assaba. The establishment, which accommodates more than 2,000 students, prohibits the wearing of religious symbols under the principle of secularism, as is the case in France. But Moroccan justice, contacted by the young girl’s family, ruled in her favor: Friday June 21, the court of first instance of Marrakech invited the Victor-Hugo high school to reverse its decision and reinstate the teenager, who was in school in third grade.

If the so-called “French mission” establishment does not comply, its manager, the Agency for French Education Abroad (Aefe), would expose itself to a

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