Motorcycle assaults, “new trend” on the Ukrainian front

The appearance on the Ukrainian front of the two-wheeler as an assault vehicle is not exactly new, notes the Russian language service of the BBC. Motorcycles, motocross bikes and even scooters were used by Donbass separatists from 2014 as well as by some Ukrainian units at the start of the war. But in recent months, it is especially in the regular Russian army that we have seen more and more motorized two-wheelers. “The demand for motorcycles from Russian units on the front line in Ukraine has increased sharply since the beginning of the year”according to the BBC.

These machines are used to transfer personnel, carry out attacks and deliver ammunition, equipment and food to the front line, continues the Russian-language service of the British public broadcaster. Did the use of two-wheelers play a role in the resumption of the Russian military initiative on the front?

This question was not lost on war reporters –

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