NATO military spending causes disastrous CO2 emissions

“On the occasion of NATO’s 75th anniversary celebrated in Washington (July 9-11), researchers have warned that its member states’ military budgets are undermining the climate, as they lead to greenhouse gas emissions estimated at 233 million tons (in 2023), more pollution contributing to global warming than some countries,” reports the British daily The Guardian.

According to the authors of the report, which comes from three international research groups (Transnational Institute, Tipping Point North South and Stop Wapenhandel), NATO member states have invested in total $1.34 trillion in their armies last year, an increase of $126 billion from 2022.

Military spending is associated with large amounts of greenhouse gases (GHGs). For example, fighter jets and other vehicles burn a lot of fossil fuels, which are major emitters of GHGs. The same is true for military bases and logistics centers. And military equipment must be regularly maintained to remain combat-ready, which also generates GHG emissions.

“Our research shows that military spending boosts emissions

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