New Caledonia: is Azerbaijan playing the role of arsonist?

Without making waves, the “Baku initiative group” was officially created in July 2023, recalls The Guardian. “Azerbaijan invited separatists from the French territories of Martinique, Guyana, New Caledonia and Polynesia to Baku, its capital, for a conference. This summit resulted in the creation of the ‘Baku initiative group’, whose stated objective is to support ‘the anti-colonialist and liberation movements of France’.

Ten months after this declaration, New Caledonia is set ablaze. At issue: the project to modify the composition of the electoral body, initiated by Paris and contested by the Kanak separatists. The Guardian notes that the symbol of Azerbaijan is present in the demonstrations: “In images that made the rounds on social networks, videos broadcast on Wednesday May 15 on TF1 showed independence sympathizers wearing t-shirts displaying the Azerbaijani flag,” writes the newspaper. On Thursday May 16, “French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin declared that the violence, which cost the lives of three Kanaks and a police officer, was actively instigated by Azerbaijan,” relates Politico.

“France, colonial state”

Did Azerbaijan really play the role of arsonist in the Caledonian crisis, 14,000 kilometers from Baku? Politico cites the testimony of a mem

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