Not everyone has the same little inner voice.

Do you have a little inner voice too? Science journalist Emma Young, for example, constantly tells her things like: “You could have done without that piece of chocolate.” Or “Don’t forget to bring the children’s tracksuits,” she says in an article published on the website of the British Psychological Society.

“’Little voice in the head’, ‘inner monologue’ or ‘inner speech’ – whatever you call it, it was long thought to be a common experience for all humanity. Recent work challenges this idea,” she reports.

Published in May in Psychological Science, The study by Gary Lupyan and Johanne Nedergaard, specialists in cognitive sciences, respectively at the University of Wisconsin in Madison (United States) and at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), shows that not only does this phenomenon of internal monologue vary greatly from one person to another, but also that these differences can have repercussions on our way of understanding certain operations.

“Compared to people whose inner voices spoke a lot, participants with less active inner voices performed less well on certain tasks, such as those that

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