Orban in Beijing: a “surprise” visit that establishes the extreme right on the European scene

This is, in all modesty, what he calls his “mission for peace 3.0”. After a quick visit to kyiv Then in MoscowHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Beijing on Monday, March 8 “to everyone’s surprise, to have an in-depth conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the war between Russia and Ukraine,” explains the Singaporean daily Lianhe Zaobao, very informed about the mysteries of Chinese power.

This meeting “gives new historical significance to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries,” rejoices the very official China Central Television (CCTV), through the signature of a no less pompous “All-season global strategic partnership for a new era”. CCTV is taking the opportunity to give a little object lesson:

“The ‘all-season’ dimension shows that China-Hungary relations can withstand storms and international changes, and that it is a pure and tough friendship.”

The notion of “new era” sets the context for bilateral relations: “Both sides firmly oppose the Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation.”

Powder trail

But, as the Lianhe Zaobao, Behind these big words and these references to the Cold War

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