“Pathetic”: images of the Stonehenge site sprayed by environmentalists in the United Kingdom

Described as “stupid” by The Telegraph, “shameful” by the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, or even “pathetic” by the leader of the Labor Party, Sir Keir Starmer, the latest sting operation by the environmentalist organization Just Stop Oil is sparking a wave of indignation in the United Kingdom.

This Wednesday, March 19, two activists from the group were filmed spraying orange paint on the famous monoliths of the English prehistoric site of Stonehenge, in the southwest of England, before being arrested by the police.

As evidenced by a video published on the website of Guardian, the two men used aerosol bombs, forming an orange cloud around these massive stones, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Tourists and site staff appear to have tried to stop them, but in vain.

Corn starch-based paint

Two weeks before the legislative elections, the entire political class condemned the action, while thousands of visitors are expected on the site for the summer solstice. In the British media, several voices were raised to denounce the environmental impact of the operation. An archaeologist specializing in the Stonehenge site explained in particular, in comments reported by the BBC, that the monoliths were covered with prehistoric marks and that any superficial damage to these stones could be thus “extremely worrying”.

In the columns of Telegraph, Jamie Blackett, a British intellectual, also did not mince his words: “The site was sprayed with orange paint made from corn starch, likely grown using fossil fuels, as was the manufacturing and transportation of the paint itself.”

The Just Stop Oil organization, which calls for an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels by 2030, affirms for its part that this paint is biodegradable and will disappear. “with the rain”.

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