Pending election results, “threat of violent protests at its highest”

Lyon, Rennes, Paris… All over France, shopkeepers in the city centres of large urban areas have barricaded themselves in, “fearing riots” and degradations, writing The Vanguardia in his live broadcast dedicated to the second round of early legislative elections. “On the Champs-Élysées, they protect their windows by nailing wooden panels,” adds The Republic.

“Some high fashion boutiques have even installed large grilles.”

Everyone fears an outbreak of violence when the results of the second round are announced. “The threat of violent protests in the streets is at its highest,” confirms the BBC by unfolding the different scenarios envisaged at the end of the second round of early legislative elections. From Thursday, adds The Observer, “30,000 extra police officers deployed across country in anticipation of unrest”. “Of which around 5,000 are in the Paris region”, complete The New York Timeswhich is considering “chronic political instability just weeks before the Paris Summer Olympics.”

Antifas vs. Fascists

“We are told that France is on the brink of civil war, adds a columnist from Time. That on Sunday evening, when the polls are over, the neighborhoods will be set ablaze depending on the results, with anti-fascists and fascists relegating the ‘yellow vests’ to the rank of merry pranksters.” Quoted by The Guardianthe Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, said he wanted to ensure that “that the ultra-left and the ultra-right do not take advantage of the result to create disorder which could then give rise to other disorders”.

“Several demonstrations are planned in the major cities of France, in Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse, Nancy, Marseille and Rennes, precise The weather in his live. The rally planned in front of the National Assembly by the Paris-Banlieue Antifascist Action group was banned by the Paris police prefecture.” In Bordeaux, certain gatherings have also been banned.

Several political leaders have expressed their concern and called for calm, including Valérie Pécresse, president of the Île-de-France regional council, and Marine Tondelier, secretary general of the Ecologists.

“The climate of tension during the legislative campaign, marked between the two rounds by attacks and violence against candidates and activists, has the government fearing ‘overflows’ this evening, whatever the result of the ballot boxes,” confirmed Free BelgiumThe Belgian newspaper quotes several French people in Lille, Tourcoing and Rosheim, near Strasbourg, who all say they fear violence when the results are announced. “There is a lot of tension, comments Laurence Abbad, a 66-year-old retiree in Tourcoing, people are going crazy.”

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