Political crisis: it is urgent to psychoanalyze the French

Personally, I don’t hate the French. Technically speaking, they are the most intelligent in the world, it is well known. And they are also of good constitution, despite their perpetual bad mood. They produced many literary, philosophical, scientific and spiritual masterpieces capable of revolutionizing universal thought.

As for their capital, Paris, it is a global work of art, a spectacle mixing classic and contemporary. What more do you want then? The hatred of the French towards Macronit, on the other hand, comes under psychoanalysis.

What we need is for the entire country to undergo group therapy. Because this tragic, bipolar, even delusional farce of a “president of the rich” will probably lead not to the appointment of a new government (at least not only), but rather to the explosion of national collective consciousness and

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Drawing by Lauzan
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Article source

Il Foglio (Milan)

Created in 1996 by Giuliano Ferrara, former spokesperson for the Berlusconi government, and led by a team of liberals and conservatives, Il Foglio wants to be the daily life of the intelligentsia of the Italian right.

The newspaper, whose headquarters is in Milan, owes its name to the austerity of its layout: it was composed of a single page (foglio) originally.

Although it has a circulation of 25,000 copies, only 8,500 newspapers are sold.

Its website (2,500 digital pages) is like the paper version: austere and not very bloated.

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