Putin visits Hanoi: Vietnam deploys its “bamboo diplomacy”

This could be the perfect illustration of La Fontaine’s fable The oak and the reed. Except that the reed is replaced by bamboo, named after the diplomatic doctrine theorized by the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV, single party), Nguyen Phu Trong, number one in the Hanoi regime – and whose Financial Times remember the fundamentals : “The diplomacy of bamboo is strong roots, a sturdy trunk and soft, flexible branches.”

Flexibility is needed to welcome Russian President Vladimir Putin, just a few months after having received his counterparts with the same pomp American Joe Biden And Chinese Xi Jinping.

It was this Wednesday, June 19, in the evening, that the head of the Kremlin, from North Korealanded on the tarmac of Hanoi airport, “at the invitation of party chairman Nguyen Phu Trong”, note the daily Nhan Dan.

Russian side, everything to gain

For the official journal of the PCV, this visit marks “deepening the global strategic partnership” which has united the two countries for twelve years, and thus goes “contribute to peace, cooperation and development in the world”. Vast program.

Although his power is mainly limited to a representative role, it was the Vietnamese president, To Lam, who spoke with his Russian counterpart

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