Revelations about Israel’s “secret war” against the International Criminal Court

“For nearly a decade, Israel has monitored senior officials at the International Criminal Court (…) as part of a covert operation aimed at thwarting the ICC’s investigation into alleged war crimes,” can we read in a river survey published Wednesday May 29 on the website of +972 Magazine and titled “Surveillance and interference: Israel’s secret war against the ICC exposed”.

The publication of this survey, carried out jointly by the Israeli-Palestinian site, its Israeli parent publication Local Call And the british newspaper The Guardian, comes eight days after ICC prosecutor Karim Khan announced that he had requested the issuance of arrest warrants against three of the Hamas leaders for the October 7 attacks, but also against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallantfor war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

What does this investigation reveal? That Israel, writes The Guardian, “deployed its intelligence agencies to monitor, hack, pressure, defame and allegedly threaten senior ICC officials in an attempt to derail the court’s investigations.”

Espionage and threats

For example, continues the British newspaper, Israeli intelligence has “intercepted communications” – calls, messages, emails, documents – from prosecutor Karim Khan, whose intentions the Hebrew state knew.

But also from her predecessor, Fatou Bensouda, who launched investigations in 2021 into possible war crimes in the occupied West Bank, which could have led to prosecutions against Israeli officials.

The latter would even have been “threatened” by the head of Mossad at the time, Yossi Cohen, who was leading a parallel operation, and who allegedly told him:

“You don’t want to get involved in things that could compromise your safety or the safety of your family.”

Also under surveillance, notably by the Shin Bet, were Palestinian human rights groups which “frequently provided the (ICC) prosecutor’s office with information on Israeli attacks on Palestinians,” also explains +972.

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