Richard Werly, Swiss correspondent in France: “There is potential for a coalition”

“I saw that the electoral pot of the National Rally continued to function at full capacity. So, I expected that the dynamic of the National Rally from the first round would be very strong again in the second.”

Like many journalists in the international press, Richard Werly, correspondent in France for the Swiss media View, admits to having been taken by surprise by the results of the second round of the French legislative elections. It remains to be seen how the rest of Emmanuel Macron’s mandate will unfold, that no absolute majority exists to the National Assembly.

In the wake of the results, many fear that great political instability will set in in France. “From Switzerland’s point of view, no country is ungovernable,” however, observes the correspondent. “(…) The Swiss national government includes ministers from what in France would be called the extreme right, but also socialist ministers. So, we know how to govern the ungovernable.”

“A potential German-style coalition”

But how can this model be translated into France with such a division in the National Assembly? “There is potential for a coalition, a coalition a bit like the German one” explains Richard Werly. In Berlin, it is an association between social democrats, greens and liberals who governs. But the Blick correspondent believes that it is not the President of the Republic who should lead it, because “Emmanuel Macron’s rejection is strong”.

Nevertheless, “We don’t have the feeling that France is entering a zone of turbulence”, says the Swiss journalist. And from abroad, there would even be hope: “France’s European partners, including Switzerland, believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They believe that this light is rather on the left and rather in a coalition.”

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